Attack on Democracy

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In the wake of yesterday’s horrific events in our nation’s capital, we condemn the violent attacks on our democracy by those attempting to overturn a duly held election and to disrupt the peaceful transition of power.

We are also compelled to echo others’ observations regarding the deep-seated racial dynamics underlying these events. The violence and seditious behavior that took place was unacceptable. Yesterday’s events were the culmination of years of enforced inequality, suppression, and differing sets of expectations of behavior for different racial, ethnic, and religious groups. Hard work lies ahead to preserve and strengthen our democracy, to ensure accountability, to confront and dismantle the racial disparities and white supremacy that have culminated in this tragedy.

As we move ahead from this dark day, our thoughts are with our neighbors in Washington, D.C. and the representatives, staffers and all workers in the capitol, and with the media who are bearing witness every day. Together we can and must move closer to restoring civil society, upholding the principles of democracy and fulfilling the greatest aspirations of our country.

Linda Czipo
Debbie Duncan
Caitlin Giles-McCormick
Cathy Hawn
Susan Merrill O’Connor
Doug Schoenberger