Is your board ready to intentionally embrace DEI?

by Yvette R. Murry, MSW, LCSW

Yvette R. Murry
Yvette R. Murry

Conversations regarding diversity, equity and inclusion abound these days.  A few colleagues and I were bandying about what is essential to ensure not just diversity and equity, but actually an understanding of the big “I”: interconnectedness and interdependence.

During the conversation, I shared with my colleagues from a wide range of racial and ethnic backgrounds one of my experiences of intention.  I had been a university administrator and faculty member for many years and actively engaged in university-community partnerships.  I served on a number of local and statewide boards that addressed and supported these partnerships.  

One day, I was approached by a close respected colleague from across the country to join the prestigious national board that set policy for university-community engagements.  I was thrilled!  I knew that I was likely to be one of the only faces of color in the room, but that is what was often the case in many of the rooms I inhabited.

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