Non-Profit Internship Programs Don’t Have to be Scary – Steps for Organizations and for Prospective Interns

Jamayrah Moore

By Jamayrah Moore

As non-profit leaders know, there are countless hats to be worn at most organizations, but only a few heads to wear them. With that in mind, a great way to keep your employees from becoming hat racks is investing in the time to create and implement an internship program.

Internships, especially academic internships, can be immeasurably beneficial to both the organization as well as the intern. Sure, with interns there can be a huge age gap between the staffers you currently have and the interns, as well as their lack of experience, and more. You also need to be mindful of  potential liability issues before you undertake a program.  And while the process may be tedious, with a little up-front planning, the return on your investment will be worth it. It’s an opportunity for non-profits to gain fresh perspectives, scope out future employees, and increase productivity.

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