In the aftermath of Charlottesville

Like the rest of the country, we have been horrified at the events in Charlottesville, VA, and their aftermath, and we are alarmed at the emboldening, both explicit and subtle, of rhetoric and actions of hate that have no place in our society.

We join in the call for our elected leaders to voice their condemnation for hate and racism and to act boldly and swiftly in taking affirmative measures to combat it.

As non-profits, we all have a special responsibility to promote and live up to the ideals of a fair, just and equitable society, not only in our words and external actions, but also in our internal practices. This means not only calling out hatred and injustice, holding our leaders accountable, and engaging communities in honest dialogue, but also taking a frank look within our own organizations and sector and taking steps to identify and remove the barriers to opportunity, access, and leadership.

At the Center, we have been laying the groundwork for a number of initiatives that we will be sharing publicly in the near future. 

We stand in support of all who are striving to make the ideals of our society a reality for all, and we will redouble our efforts to advance those ideals.