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The Center for Non-Profits is the only umbrella organization for all New Jersey 501(c)(3)s. Since 1982, the Center has provided advocacy, resources, training and information to strengthen non-profits and help them thrive. Learn more about how the Center:

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Save the Date! December 1-2, 2021  NJ Non-Profit Conference


Together Toward a Better Normal, your 2021 NJ Non-Profit Virtual Conference. More details and registration to come. Sponsorship opportunities available.



Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC):
What non-profits need to know

Live webinar with opportunity for Q&A

Date/Time: August 18, 2021, 10:00 -11:15 a.m. Eastern
Cost: FREE for Center for Non-Profits members (email us for code); $35 for non-members Not a member? Join today!
Presenter: Doug Finkle, CPA, MST, Tax Director, SobelCo LLC

If you missed the webinar, email us for access to the recording (FREE for Center members, $35 for non-members)

Don’t leave potential money for your non-profit on the table! If your organization has experienced hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be able to take advantage of the Employee Retention Credit (ERC). The ERC is a refundable payroll tax credit, available to entities that either had to shutter operations due to government orders limiting commerce, travel or group meetings; or can demonstrate a specific level of revenue losses due to COVID-19.

 Depending on the time frame and individual circumstances, the credit could be as high as $14,000 per employee per eligible quarter.

Join us to learn what the criteria are to qualify, what expenses are included, and how to apply. Don't miss this opportunity to recover some significant expenses for keeping your staff employed during the pandemic.


Diversity, equity and inclusion webinars - click each image to access on YouTube

2 Free Equity and Inclusion Webinars - Avilable On Demand

Thanks to all who participated in the NJ Non-Profit Compensation and Diversity Survey! Stay tuned for the results this fall.

NJ Non-Profit Compensation Benefits and Diversity

The American Rescue Plan Act and NJ Non-Profits - Web Briefing
Presented by the office of U.S. Senator Cory Booker in partnership with the Center for Non-Profits
March 30, 2021

2021 Issues & Trends Image Report The State of New Jersey's Non-Profit Community: 2021 Trends and Outlook Report

Full Report
      Web Briefing
The New Jersey Non-Profits 2021: Trends and Outlook survey tracks prior year funding and expenses, non-profits' outlook for the coming year and actions taken by non-profits to address trends. This year's report inludes insights about how non-profits are faring with the COVID-19 pandemic and the implications of these trends on the ability of organizations to provide needed programs and services. This information can aid in your planning efforts and your communications with funders, policy makers and the media.

New Center for Non-Profits Blog Post Teaser - January 7 2021 

In the wake of the events on January 6, 2021, we condemn the violent attacks on our democracy to overturn a duly held election and disrupt a peaceful transition of power. We also echo others’ observations on the deep-seated racial dynamics underlying these events.

Read the full statement at

THANK YOU - for making the 2020 New Jersey Nonprofit Conference a success.

Link to Covid-19 Resource Page for Nonprofits

Rapid Response Coronavirus Impact Surveys
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to expand. 
2020 COVID-19 Nonprofit Impact - 3rd Report

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our third COVID-19 survey, conducted in partnership with the Council of New Jersey Grantmakers (CNJG), and shared how the coronavirus is affecting your organizations.

The most recent report shows the results of the third round surveying New Jersey non-profits on the impacts of COVID-19. All reports and supporting materials can be found in the links below.

  3rd Report - July 2020 - view web briefing
  2nd Report - April 2020
  1st Report - March 2020 - view web briefing and press release

And remember to visit our Covid-19 Resource Page.

Going Forward: Best Practices and Considerations for Non-Profit Reopening COVID-19 Resource Available Now:
Going Forward: Best Practices and Considerations for Non-Profit Reopening

The Center has partnered on a new guide that we hope will make the reopening process a little easier. This FREE compilation guide covers many factors you may want to consider, such as workplace safety, human resource issues and more, with plenty of links to more detailed information. It will be updated periodically as circumstances warrant.
Full Report      Webinar Overview     Slides

2019 Non-Profit Diversity Report Cover Available Now:
New Jersey Non-Profit Diversity Report

The Center recently released and hosted a web briefing on the New Jersey Non-Profit Diversity Report, highlighting in stark terms the racial and gender bias in New Jersey non-profits and the challenges that need to be addressed. This report is one step in our broader commitment to promote and support diversity, equity and inclusion in the non-profit community.

View Press Release     View Full Report     Additional Resources

View Web Briefing


2019 New Jersey Non-Profit Compensation & Benefits Report

2019 New Jersey Non-Propfit Compensation and Beneits Report CoverThe Center for Non-Profits has released the results of its survey of New Jersey non-profits. This comprehensive report is the only one focusing exclusively on the compensation of New Jersey non-profit employees. It includes a deep look into the salaries, health and other insurance coverages, paid time off, and other benefits in addition to characteristics and demographics of non-profit staffs and boards.

Data was collected from 204 respondent organizations of varying sizes and missions, exclusively from New Jersey 501(c)(3) non-profits, and cover 4,007 employees (2,918 full-time) in 71 staff positions. Findings for each position are also broken out by organizational budget size, ranging from under $200,000 a year to over $20 million.

 Compensation Report Pricing:
$95 for Center for Non-Profits members
$175 for nonmembers.



Also available (FREE): The New Jersey Non-Profit Diversity Report


Many changes affecting New Jersey non-profits have recently passed or are in the works in Trenton or Washington, DC. Check out our current public policy tracker or select any specific issue listed below.
Nationwide New Jersey
Universal  Federal Charitable Deduction Legislation State Charitable Deduction Legislation Advances
Nonprofit Nonpartisanship Employment Law Changes
Non-Profit Transportation Taxes Bill Would Fix Unintended Impact of NJ Transportation Benefit Mandate
Universal Charitable Deduction Legislation IRS' Final Rules Prohibit NJ's SALT Workaround Framework
2020 Census   NJ "Dark Money" Bill and Charitable Non-Profits (analysis coming soon)


Celebrate Non-Profits!

How is YOUR life better because of a non-profit?

Help END the Overhead Myth!
The Center for Non-Profits and the Council of NJ Grantmakers are joining forces to ask you to support a nationwide campaign to help end the overhead myth - the misguided notion that the percentage of expenses spent on administration and overhead should be the sole criterion for judging the merits of a charity.
Learn more and spread the word!

Tips for Making Informed Giving Decisions

An overview of some of the factors to consider when considering giving to charity.  Feel free to share with your board members, donors and others.  Read the article.

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