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Next New Jersey 'opt-out' deadline: January 31 - Request your no-obligation 2-year savings projection today!

UST is an alternative to the state unemployment insurance system, helping nonprofit organizations save money on their unemployment costs through lower rates and expert claims monitoring, certified HR guidance and audits of state charges.

Compared to the average cost of an unemployment claim for employers nationwide, UST members experience an average of 55.8% in savings per claim. These savings can then be put toward fulfilling organizational missions, including building assets to fund programs and to enhance outreach.

Just last year, UST helped their Center for Non-Profits’ participants save $1,162,461.41 in unemployment claims costs!

UST participation provides exclusive access to:

  1. Long term savings compared to state unemployment taxes
  2. One-on-One claims advice and e-Filing capabilities
  3. Live HR Hotline and 200+ online training courses
  4. Thousands of HR forms, documents, templates and checklists
  5. CareerArc's award-winning outplacement and career transition recourses

To find out more, see this flyer (in PDF).

In 2015 UST found $6.8 million in unemployment cost savings for over 500 of its member organizations! The UST program—which is available to nonprofits with 10 or more employees to help control unemployment-related HR costs—includes an annual review of its 2,000+ nonprofit accounts using an advanced actuarial model.

Unlike the state unemployment tax system or some private insurance where taxes and premiums cannot be refunded (even when benefits paid out are far below what the employer paid in), UST instead allows for cash back when an organization has a positive unemployment claim experience.

In 2015, in addition to normal annual savings, eleven of the currently enrolled Center for Non-Profits' members received a total of over $395,000 in cash back!

With 95% of your nonprofit peers willing to recommend the UST program, aren’t you curious to hear what these nonprofit leaders have to say about the Trust? Listen to the testimonials below:

UST Case Study - Members Speak from Unemployment Services Trust on Vimeo.

Member Benefit

  • Eligible non-profits average 25% savings over the State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) system in the first two years, with additional savings possible in later years.
  • Any unused funds you put into the system are turned into equity for your organization!
  • Each organization is assigned a dedicated claims expert who will work with you to process and monitor all claims.
  • Live HR hotline and library
  • Switch before the January 31 enrollment date and avoid paying the increased NJ unemployment insurance tax from that date on.
  • NEW: CareerArc - Lower your claims cost through outplacement and career transition resources.

    Note: State unemployment programs have one annual enrollment period. New Jersey's cycles end on January 31 each year. We recommend beginning the application as soon as possible; UST requires time to process applications in advance of the deadline to withdraw from the state system.

Ask for your 2-Year Savings Projection at

If you would like to inquire about these services, contact the Center at (732) 227-0800 or You can also contact a UST cost advisor directly at (888) 249-4788

UST HR Resources

UST Case Studies, Research and More - Learn about unemployment strategies, HR resources and how UST can benefit your organization.

2015 Nonprofit Employee Engagement & Retention Report

A Survey of Nonprofit Executives, Supervisors and Staff

Is your nonprofit savvy to what truly drives an employee's day-to-day happiness? How about which factors tend to push employees out the door? UST decided to uncover the truth about what really motivates nonprofit employees and why—by surveying more than 1,300 individuals that work in the nonprofit sector. In this report, you'll learn about employment trends as well as the leading variables that influence turnover, including culture, leadership and compensation. Download the report and find out:

  • What factors are contributing to turnover / retention
  • What drives employee engagement or non-engagement
  • Which new approaches you can apply at your nonprofit

Make sure you're in-the-know about what keeps employees satisfied, and how you can implement impactful engagement and retention strategies.

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