Primepoint - Discounted payroll processing and human resource services


Member Benefit

Center Members receive a 10% discount on Primepoint’s Payroll Processing fees and get free use of Primepoint’s Business Direct Access real-time web-based interface designed for organizations with less than 50 employees.

Primepoint specializes in handling payroll processing for non-profit organizations and has a great reputation for advanced technology and a high level of customer service. At the Center we know this first hand because we use Primepoint’s services for our payroll processing. Primepoint offers services suitable for organizations of all sizes and levels of complexity.

For more information about Primepoint, download the Primepoint Flyer, visit their website or call the Center to get Primepoint's contact information.

Payroll Resources - Information for employers


If you would like to inquire about these services, please contact the Center at (732) 227-0800 or