ALERT! State launches NEW e-procurement portal

All vendors, including nonprofits, will need to register on to do business with the State of NJSTART LogoNJ

Updated 06/30/14


The State of New Jersey has launched a new e-procurement portal,, which is designed to simplify the procurement process for suppliers doing business with New Jersey. All organizations that do (or want to do) business with the State will need to utilize, launched in May as part of the State's efforts to reduce red tape.

When the system is fully operational later this year, it will allow vendors to register, upload key documents, search for contract and bidding opportunities, and more.  By late October, all vendors, including non-profits, will have to be registered in in order to do business with the State of New Jersey. has the potential to streamline how vendors and non-profits do business with the State. The Center for Non-Profits is working to ensure that the new portal is user-friendly for non-profits. Initiatives like this e-procurement portal are one of many recommendations the Center and our non-profit partners have submitted to the governor's Red Tape Review Commission. Find out more about the recommendations most recently submitted on 6/11/14 on the Center's 'Red Tape Input' page

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Notes, Questions & Answers about

Compiled at the Center's briefing, held Friday, June 27, 2014. Additional documentation/ FAQs specific to non-profits / third-party contractors is under development by the State.  This will include extra details regarding navigation AND more instructions about the commodity codes.

  • NJSTART registration will be required for third-party CONTRACTS, but it is not yet clear whether the NJSTART system will be mandatory for GRANTS.  Nevertheless, there’s no harm in registering in NJSTART, even if all of your state funds come in the form of grants. Hopefully down the road the “document vault” may be universally accessible across State systems and can help streamline some of the processes for everyone.
  • Why are there two ‘register here’ areas on NJSTART?
    • Initial registration is at the top of the home screen. When you submit your 4 pieces of essential info, the system generates a vendor ID # that can never change or be re-used. The confirmation email comes instantly.
    • Once you have your vendor ID #, you can log in using the “complete registration” link (second link from the top) on the home screen.
  • Is your vendor ID the same as your log-in ID?
    • No, you need to create an individual log-in ID and password.  Note that the VENDOR ID is attached to your organization; the Vendor ID is assigned automatically during the “step 1 pre-registration system,” and cannot be changed.  The log-in ID and password are created by YOU, the user.
  • How do I select the appropriate commodity code(s) for the services my organization offers?
    • The NJ Department of Treasury, with input from the Center for Non-Profits, is working on ways to make the codes that ore more commonly associated with non-profit activities easier to locate.  We’re also trying to find ways to create “crosswalks” between the NIGP codes in NJSTART and other classification systems such as the NAICS codes used by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  For the moment, try keyword searches using specific terms, and then put the corresponding codes into the NIGP drop-down menu. Note: You can either search NIGP Commodity Codes by KeyWord OR you can access ALL the NIGP Commodity Codes by clicking on the second radio button and then clicking the second 'Search' button.

      Here are just a few codes for starters (NOT all inclusive!): 

    • 952 – Human Services – this yields a sub-menu with many (though not all) common human service functions, e.g., counseling, Big Brother/Big Sister, food assistance, some job training, urban and regional development, etc.  There are approx. 95 sub classifications listed within the Human Services classification.
    • 924 – Educational/Training Services
    • 926 – Environment and Ecological Services
    • 958 – Management Services – includes some non-profit-related categories such as “conservation/resource management,”  “child care management,”  “mental health/retardation management” and many others. 
    • 962 – Miscellaneous Services 2 – Includes arts, “Thespian services,” Animal Care, Religious Services, Transportation, and others.
    • 990 – Security, Fire Safety, Emergency Management…  Includes disaster relief, disaster preparedness

    For now, you can put as many codes in for your organization as you think apply. These codes will determine which RFP notices you receive, and when your organization will be visible to procurement specialists who are seeking potential vendors within a particular classification.

  • Can you have more than one contact for your organization?
    • Yes. The original enroller/ contact can add contacts and grant various access/permissions levels once your first registration is completed.  
  • How will this interact with SAGE (System for Administering Grants Electronically), the Contract Information Management System (CIMS), or other grant reporting systems in use by various State departments?
    • Dept. of Treasury is inquiring now about how the systems will integrate.
  • Will this system be applicable for federal grants administered through state agencies?
    • Yes. And down the road (perhaps a year from now), counties can post their opportunities.
  • If you register under ‘human services,’ can you apply for grants not listed under that code?
    • Yes, you can submit a proposal for opportunities that fall outside of your chosen NGIP code(s).  If you do not select a particular code, you will not be e-mailed the RFPs for that particular code, but you are not precluded from applying if you become aware of an opportunity for which you feel you are suitable.  
  • When will this be rolled out?
    • Full implementation is anticipated by November
  • Will we know who got what award?

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