Ask the Center

"Having experts to call to help me with my issues is an invaluable resource for my organization. How would I get along without the Center?"
-- Susan Bowman, Executive Director, Helping Kids Grow

Have a question about running your 501(c)(3) organization? Our staff members are here to help! Our Non-Profit HelpDesk information and referral service answers more than 2,000 diverse phone and e-mail inquiries a year on compliance, management and policy questions on such topics as:

  • Advocacy and lobbying
  • Board governance
  • Fundraising resources & regulations
  • Insurance needs 
  • IRS and State of NJ regulations
  • Human resource policies
  • Non-profit sector trends
  • Public policy issues
  • Risk management
  • Taxation
  • Volunteerism
  • And many more!

Our staff experts have decades of experience in non-profit management, corporate philanthropy, public policy and many other areas. If your question requires more specialized expertise or an in-depth response, we can provide additional leads, suggestions or referrals to the most appropriate resources to meet your needs. We can also provide consulting, coaching or customized training on a variety of topics - contact us for more information.

To Submit a Question:

1) Email is best!
Current Members: to receive expedited service and more in-depth assistance, put "Center Member Help Desk - [your organization name]" in the subject line and send your question to

Non-Members: Put "HELP DESK" and your organization's name (if any) in the subject line and include your name, organization name & location, and contact information (phone and email) along with your specific question(s) so that we can respond appropriately to your needs. Depending on the Center's work load, it may take us a few days to provide an in depth and precise response.
Not a member? Center Members receive expedited service and more in-depth assistance. Consider joining!  

2) Call the Center at (732) 227-0800, x303.
You will be asked to leave a detailed voicemail. Please have your question clearly defined and provide your contact phone number and email address so we can respond. HelpDesk calls for non-members are generally handled on Mondays and Thursdays. Center Members have access to HelpDesk services any time and receive expedited service and more in-depth assistance. If you're not a member, consider joining! 

To Search for Information:

You will find a wealth of information on non-profit practices, regulations and issues on this Web site. Use the search window at the top of this page, or visit the Advocacy; Legal & Management; and Links sections for articles or links to government, research, technical assistance and other resources.

Interested in starting a new non-profit?

  • The Center is no longer providing direct legal assistance for startup organizations. However, we do offer a wide array of comprehensive resources as you plan your next steps.
  • BEFORE GOING ANY FURTHER: go to our Web page Forming a Non-Profit . Carefully review the information in that section, and download and read our FREE booklet, “Thinking of Forming a Non-Profit?” Sustaining a successful non-profit is a challenging undertaking under the best of circumstances, and there are many alternatives that could meet your needs.
  • Go to the Links section Selected "First Stop" Web Resources to look up information on types of non-profits, Governance, Business Planning, Fund Raising, Financial Management, etc.
  • View Pro Bono Partnership's online on-demand Webinar "Starting a Nonprofit: Upsides, Downsides and Alternatives"

The Center for Non-Profits is not a government agency, but a private non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization.  We can provide guidance and information about a wide array of topics, but we do not provide formal legal advice. For legal advice pertaining to your specific circumstances, always consult a knowledgeable attorney.